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these are what real eggs look like.. do not eat the goverment eggs.. knowlege
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anon hate is like the weakest thing ever. imagine anon hate in real life. imagine a stranger running up to you with a bag over their head and screaming at you. imagine that. thats anon hate.

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this guy was watching Shrek (the movie series) with me and now he’s educating himself how precious is that.

he keeps asking me all these questions about aspects of Shrek and he’s like “so basically it’s about letting Ogre’s do what they want without being put down” and I was like yea and he was like “oh okay that’s so simple why isn’t everyone Shrek” it’s precious.

update: I banged him

this is my favorite post ever created
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do any millionaires follow me that are bored

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cant get authentic italian cuisine like this anymore

i don’t even know where to start with this post
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truth or dare more like preform a strange sexual act or tell me who you like

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